Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The consequences unimaginable. The location unimaginable. The rush priceless.
Sounds like a credit card slogan.
in the vast Ohio wilderness


jerome said...

hell yeah, hocking hills trips were definitely good times. ed was not afraid of hangin on the edge of rock cliffs during this time. were so lucky, traveling and living like most of us have, documenting our moments through photos, memories that will live with us forever. this lifestyle will keep you on top of life, don't let it slip away, and never give in to the common opinion.

Ed said...

Searching It! It's a Privilege, and through that Mantra we Act.

JoPy said...

You fellas should stop taking showers and become Gurus...Beeler, as usual, is right on about hocking. Who would have thought you could have an amazing time in Ohio!?