Friday, May 18, 2007


Hello anyone who looks at this. Well I got some sad news, I will not be attending the X-games this year due to a ACL injury. I know this is a great disappointment to everyone but, life will go on. I know everyone can relate to serious injuries, and they suck! I wish everyone the best of health from the lushness of the North West to the midst of East Asia. I go under the knife in the wee hours of May 22. I am hoping for steady hands and a quick recovery. No pictures until I fix the the trusty laptop, ironic. is one pic, this guy from the Denver post took this the same day I blew my shit up. You can only stretch a rubber band so far before it rips. Everyone and their neighbor have an excellent weekend and throw it up for old time sakes. Funny thing I forgot to mention I had a knee brace on at the time of injury.


jerome said...

damn downside whip, when did you start throwing those. GW stay strong and look ahead, it's all you can do right now. you should get a guitar for your downtime, start learning it now and you'll have something that can supply you with life threw the slow times. longevity is the key in this life, live today and preserve yourself for the times ahead.

Yaga Cuba said...

Keep ON it GW's !! We rooted for You!!